Windows Server 2008: Extending Volume Size

5 07 2007

Extending volume features of Windows Server 2008 rocks. If you remember, from my last post, I was looking into extending the size of my VM Virtual hard disk as I misplanned the size of it. So I did use the command and it worked! After that I booted up my machine and tried to check if the size did increase and found out that it was still having the same size! So bad bad. So then I tried to go inside disk management and now realized that it was indeed successful and some unallocated disk space is lying there unused.

Now I was thinking. How will I allocate it to the current volume that I have? I thought previously in the “olden days”, I would need to install a disk management software e.g. Partition Magic in order to do this. When I tried exploring Windows Server 2008. I found this feature called extend. I tried it and it worked really cool! This feature is by the way also offered on Windows Server 2003 version.

More info here: How to use the Disk Management Snap-in to manage Basic and Dynamic Disks in Windows Server 2003

PS: Just an Update on my VM. I have already managed to install these on it 🙂 :

– Windows Server 2008 Beta 3
– Visual Studio 2008 Orcas Team Suite Beta 1
– (Not) Visual Studio 2008 Orcas Team Foundation Server Beta 1 (Sharepoint Services 3.0 not supported) 😦



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