In search of good Tablet PC Applications

6 07 2007

I have already finished installing my Windows Server 2008 CTP VM. Sort of. Its not that perfect though. SQL Server 2008 Katmai is not supported in Windows Server 2008.

I thought I want to move forward by looking more into how to maximize the usage of the tablet pc features it can offer. So I decided it is time to check out some applications out there.

Searched the net for the Top Tablet PC Applications and saw these:

Top Tablet PC Apps
Updating the Top Tablet PC Apps In My Tablet PC Toolbox
Laptop Magazine – Top 10 Tablet Applications – June 2005

I found out that most of the post are really really old. I think people or mostly the market lost touch with Tablet PC for a while. Now that Windows Vista has came. I think this should totally change. There are just lots of things to be done with ink. Hopefully they will reduce the price of the hardware as it is the major factor why people tend to disregard it. Well for now, I still have lots of applications to try like OneNote 2007 and some available tools in MS Download site. I’ll go ahead and post the interesting stuffs here soon.

Link: Vista Integration May Spur Tablet PC Growth



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