Swensens Dinner; Fear Factor Ice Cream – Wasabi Flavor

30 06 2007

Ate out with a friend yesterday night. We ate our dinner at Swensens Bugis and food was really good. Bit expensive though.


Here are their fabulous menu:

Food Menu
Sundae Menu

We ordered Ribeye Steak, BBQ Chicken , Calamari, Fries, Rodeo wings, Soup of day, and finally Sticky Chewy Choco Malt. Mmmm. Yummy.

Too bad I forgot to take pictures.  I was overenjoying the food that it didnt come into my mind to take some. I can still remember the food until now. I’m already hungry it is already lunch time. Need to eat soon. 

After dinner, I decided to try the spicy wasabi ice cream.


I have already noticed this for quite a number of times already, but just got the courage to try it yesterday. Hehehe

The name of the ice cream stand is actually Uzumaki.


It has actually the same name as one of my favorite anime Naruto. I said to myself, I will definitely try it now. Once I finish the ice cream, I might be like Naruto and will jump up and shout Dattebayo!!! Hehehe

Instead, the complete opposite happened. Imagine. I, myself an ice cream glutton, wasn’t able to finish my ice cream for the first time. Hahaha

It was not that bad though, I just wont recommend it to ppl with low tolerance on spicyness. You can try green tea ice cream instead. Hehehe I will definitely come back to the store, and I’ll try the other flavours. 😉

I was supposed to go Dattebayo!!!

But what happened to me instead was this. Hehehe

Have a nice day!!! 😀

“Lost TV” plan crash clips compiled video

29 06 2007

For lost fans, see this cool video made by a fan that clubbed all the plane crash clips. These clips are taken from Season 1 till Season 3. This is so exciting. Watch it quick before youtube removes it. Enjoy!


iPhone in the Last Supper

29 06 2007

iPhone Last Supper

Microsoft Security (MSRC) job in PopSci Worst Jobs in Science 2007

29 06 2007

This is just unusual.

Microsoft security group makes ‘worst jobs’ list

Popular Science Worst Jobs in Science 2007

Can’t say anything. But Weirdiness! 😀

Killing the time

26 06 2007

Yeah I’m just doing it now. Nothing to do. Just waiting for the meeting schedule to come this 7PM. Whew that’s approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to go. (That was when I started writing this hehehe).

We are to talk with colleagues from 2 different locations. New york and India that is. With different timezones, yeah were dealing with 3 timezones here Singapore included. But amongst the 3 of us, we were really unfortunate that we got the most awkward timing.

Meeting time:

Singapore Time – 7:00 PM (GMT +8)
New York – 7:00 AM (GMT -8)
India – 4:30PM (GMT +5:30)

Now you know why we got the worst time. By the way, to add we have a regular 7AM-4PM working shift. Now we need to extend till 8-9PM. Not that I am not used to this. Been doing this in my previous company in a call center. But it has already been 3 years since I last did this. My colds and cough seem to make this waiting experience more interesting. 


Now I’m better. Meeting is already starting. I’ll end this post here. Think happy thoughts. Be happy! Enjoy ur day! 😀

Note: I click Save instead of Publish earlier. Foolish me. hehehe 🙂

Got my Sony Ericsson k800i camphone, Flickr here I come

23 06 2007

Yahoo! Finally got to decide and bought a Sony Ericsson Cybershot k800i camera phone. Got it last weekends. Found the item in Yahoo Auctions Singapore. The phone I bought was a second-hand unit. And the price was really cheap. It is almost half the price for the current market price of the unit. If you are to compare it with the release price then it’s almost 1/3 of the price of it. Really got a good deal. It was owned by a lady before and the phone was well taken care.

Now my almost 4 year old phone Nokia 6100 can retire and can get its pension hahahaha 🙂  
(Don’t get me wrong, I had another phone in between that I didn’t like and used my 6100 back again.)

Now, you might be curious why I decided to buy the k800i. Here are the reasons:

1. A picture paints a thousand words. I thought I just need a regular cellphone that can suit my daily needs. I thought a really good camera feature would be a definite plus.
2. It bagged lots of award like Asia Cnet Reader’s Choice Best Camera Phone, Engadget 2006 Cellphone of the Year, and a lot others
3. Very cheap price courtesy of Yahoo Auctions
4. Inspiring captured moments and shots by Community Sony Ericsson K800i Flickr groups (347 as of today)
5. Chance to meet the lady auctioneer hahaha 😀

Here are some sample pictures taken using my “new-2nd-hand” k800i:

Our office building mini-park from 4th floor

Sunrise near bicycle park of my office, Signature Bldg.

Parked Ferrari at Orchard

View from outside our house

More to come on next posts. 😀

Fantastic 6 y.o. child singer and Opera-singing phone salesman – Britain’s Got Talent

22 06 2007

Check this out. I really didn’t know about this competition before and got a chance to stumble into it just today. This year’s winners are just fabulous. The winner by the way gets a chance to sing for the queen.

Highlights for this is Connie Talbot, a 6 year old girl. Yeah she’s really really young indeed. She was “Wowed” by Simon Cowell after her performance. And the winner Paul Potts, an Opera singing phone salesman, just hear how cool his voice is. Just wonderful.

Connie Talbot – Over The Rainbow

Paul Potts – Nessun Dorma

More videos on the finals

Source: Opera singer is TV talent winner

Microsoft Surface – Funny Parody by SarcasticGamer

22 06 2007

I really liked how he dubbed the original ad of Microsoft Surface. The narrations and the timings were perfect. It’s really funny. Made my day!

Sarcastic Gamer
Source: Gizmodo

Silverlight and Blend snack tutorials for hungry designers

22 06 2007


Celso Gomes, a cool designer, created a tutorial site Nibbles that will help designers learn tools such as Silverlight and Blend. He put up the site together with his blog. It is still in beta and have quite a few good friendly tutorials about using Silverlight and Blend. It would be very nice if one of these days, lots more tutorials would be added here. He would also include Blend and WPF tutorials in the near future and a lot more. So keep checking this site.

Nibbles – snack tutorials for hungry designers

Source: Nibbles offers bite-sized Silverlight tutorials

Monolight – Silverlight on Linux

22 06 2007

Silverlight development will be available for Linux users soon. Miguel de Icaza with team that started the project already have a working build. And they did the port in just in 21 days. This project will be under the open-source mono project and is named as Monolight. For linux users, this will really be a very good opportunity to develop rich interactive web apps to the next level.

Some pictures is posted by Miguel in his blog, just follow the links below.

Implementing Silverlight in 21 Days

Moonlight – Mono – Home page

Miguel de Icaza’s web log