WordPress Smiley!!!

4 07 2007

WordPress smiley==>  

I just noticed it today! If you look at the WordPress main page after logging in. You’ll get a very very tiny smiley at the bottomest left part of the page. Anybody knows the story about this? Was this done to be somewhat like an Easter Egg? If it is, it is just to obvious. Most probably it is just a way for wordpress to tell us to smile. Keep on smiling guys and be happy always.  🙂




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29 08 2007
Portal Porto Alegre Com

Well done great blog and great posts!!!

23 11 2007
Pimpajoentje Punt Bee Ee » Blog » Blog Archive » Het Wordpress smiley mysterie

[…] vond ik enkel bloggers die zich hetzelfde afvroegen. Niks interessants dus. Toen stuitte ik op een vraag van een WordPress blogger, in het WordPress […]

30 08 2011

the 🙂 is lost in this blog

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