Beta News: Windows Server 2008 RC0 and Windows Vista SP1 Beta

25 09 2007

Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate with Windows Server virtualization – Viridian was released yesterday. Windows Vista SP1 Beta is also being released to testers now. I hope they release the Vista SP1 now on time. I have long been waiting for it.

Download Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate here.


Windows Server Division Weblog – Windows Server 2008 Rc0 Released!

MS Press: Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 Ready for Customer Review

Music Tripping: Bisrock songs through imeem!!!

22 09 2007

Hastang lingawa nako! Nga naa di ay ing-ani nga Bisrock songs diri sa internet! Makapa wala ug mingaw ba. Lingaw kaayo ang mga messages sa kanta. Hehehe 😀

Akong mga paborits kay ang:

Simply Filemon – Inday
1107- Charing
1107- Utot

Hala suwayi ninyo ug paminaw.

Translation: What excitement got into me! Didn’t know there are such Bisrock songs here in the internet! Just hearing these songs, can ease homesickness and loneliness. The message of the songs are really amusing and fun. Hehehe 😀

The list is one of my favorites. Check it out! 😀

Here it is embedded for your easy access. (Apologies. I don’t know what is the problem with wordpress editor. But it is not allowing me to embed it. Just access it thru this link.)

By the way these songs are on my local dialect Bisaya (commonly used in Central & Southern part of the Philippines). For a brief background, here is wikipedia for you: Cebuano Language Wikipedia. But if you are bisaya like me, read this bisaya version of it instead. Hehehe 😀

Smiley Anniversary; Mother’s smile

19 09 2007

Digital ‘smiley face’ turns 25

Smiley just got 25 or should it be 24? Whatever it is. The symbol : – ) that gave made us smile and put emotions into text speak celebrates its anniversary.

Thinking about smiles and smileys. I can always remember the smile in my moms face. She’s got the smile that launched a thousand ships hehehe. She always wears her smile and just being with her, you will forget all your problems for a moment. (Of course, you won’t forget all of it as you need to solve it first. Hehehe)

It’s her birthday yesterday! Too bad I cannot celebrate it with you and the family. As I am far. I’ll just make it up when I get home this December.

Happy Birthday to you mama. Love you. 🙂

Credit Suisse on top employer list of fresh graduates in Singapore

19 09 2007

Proud to be working for the 2nd most popular private sector employer here in Singapore. Though I’m not a regular employee and is a consultant here. I am still happy for the company and all guys here. Here’s a post of a happy employee. 🙂

Link: Channelnewsasia – Most university graduates prefer to work in banking, finance sector: survey

The Tens of Technical Analysis

18 09 2007

Some learnings that I’m sure I need to review in my soon trading career. I  strongly recommend Technical Analysis for Dummies. Learn technical analysis the fun way that any person can understand easily. 🙂

Ten Secrets of the Top Technical Traders
– Put your faith in the chart rather than the “experts”
– Get to know the virtues and drawbacks of technical indicators

1. Trust the Chart
2. Trend Is Your Friend
3. You Make Money Only when You Sell
4. Take Responsibility
5. Avoid Euphoria and Despair
6. Making Money Is Better Than Being Right
7. Don’t Let a Winning Trade Turn into a Losing Trade
8. Don’t Curve-Fit
9. Trade the Right Amount
10. Diversify

Ten Rules for Working with Indicators
– Identify market sentiment
– Use indicators as a guide – not a crystal ball

1. Listen to the Price Bars
2. Understand Your Indicator
3. Use Support and Resistance
4. Use the Breakout Principle
5. Watch for Convergence/ Divergence
6. Choose a Ruling Concept
7. Back-test Your Indicators Properly
8. Acknowledge that Your Indicator Will Fail
9. There Are No Secret Indicators
10. Be Original

Clarke Quay @ Lunar Lantern Festival season mood

17 09 2007

 Just taking advantage of the simplicity of uploading pictures with Windows Live Writer. Too lazy to upload it to photobucket these days. I just want to share some pictures. Hope you’ll enjoy it!!! 🙂


DSC00459 DSC00461

DSC00463 DSC00468

DSC00469  DSC00471 

DSC00474 DSC00475


Happy Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival!!! Good fortune to you and your family in the years to come. 😀

Technical Analysis for Dummies & m&ms

17 09 2007

I was busy reading this book. And suddenly got hungry.

My eyes also got weary and tired. Need to have a break.

Just see what I ate. This is not just some ordinary snack. Guess where the M&Ms came from. See the yummy chocolates for yourself!

Doesn’t it comes match with the book. See even Mr Dummy agrees. Hehehe 😀




Note: Got these images days back. Just got a chance to post it now. This is by the way the first For Dummies book of the series or what-cha-ma-call-it book that I have read. And it is so far so interesting and full of content. 

Silverlight 1.0 RTW

5 09 2007

“Microsoft Corp. today released to the Web (RTW) Silverlight™ 1.0, a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering richer user experiences on the Web. In addition, Microsoft will work with Novell Inc. to deliver Silverlight support for Linux, called Moonlight, and based on the project started on”

Silverlight version 1.0 is finally out! Some sneak peak using the RTW media capabilities can be found on the latest HD preview of Halo 3. Check out the link!

Source: MS PressPass – Microsoft Delivers Silverlight 1.0, Extends Support to Linux

Halo 3D Preview

Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.0 SDK Download 

ScottGu – Silverlight 1.0 Released and Silverlight for Linux Announced

Late Onam Greeting

2 09 2007

 Namaskaram, a greeting in Malayalam, one of the many I think 57 Indian languages. I would like to share these few pics we took on that day in this Onam greeting post of mine. If you fancy eating lots, really lots of different food in one seating. We have celebrated Onam eating 25 different dishes. Eat all you can hehehe.

Thinking about this I missed our gluttonous buffets in the Philippines. Anyways, here is the Kerala (Southern India) version. Enjoy!!! Belated Happy Onam Day!!! 🙂


Lunch served in whole banana leaf with all 25 different types of dishes provided only on this feast.


Traditional Onam decoration. Flowers floating in special vase.