Ice keeps you cool in NY

26 07 2007

This is just cool! As cool as Ice! New York buildings are starting to use ICE to pump cool air and at the same time save energy. It is just amazing. You might remember at one point in time in your life when you were a kid and asked your mommy. “Mommy, is it ice that makes the A/C blow cold air??” Hehehe. 😀 Now its for real. A lot of buildings including our US office and others already uses this and sees the real benefits and savings it provides.

Brrrrrrrrr!!!! 🙂


Ice keeps New York office towers cool

Geeky evidence that I am special

26 07 2007

I found this post by Trika of MS Learning about certifications as an evidence that you are special. I guess since I did my part on those sleepless nights and heavy working on those certification exams. I’ll do this post. This will let me to remember my hard work in the future. 🙂

I’m proud to say that, as of July 19,2007, I am:

1 of the 1,813 Microsoft Certified Professional Developers (MCPD) 
Enterprise Application Developer

1 of the 2,500 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  .NET Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications

1 of the 6,690 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  .NET Framework 2.0: Web Applications

1 of the 4,271 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  .NET Framework 2.0: Windows Applications

1 of the 16,968 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  SQL Server 2005

1 of the 30,477 Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSD) – Microsoft .NET

1 of the 72,263 Microsoft Certified Application Developers (MCAD)


Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Spoilers, Leaks, News

19 07 2007


This news is really hot these days! Somebody just took pictures of every page on the book and leaked it to torrent before it came out. Imagine the reaction of the many Harry Potter fans. Lots of spoilers came out. Many of them giving false information. Torrentfreak attacked by Harry Potter fans just because of this incident. Techcrunch having conflicts with Scholastic on Harry Potter leak story.

Here are the links:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows leaked to BitTorrent
Techcrunch: Scholastic Loses It Over Harry Potter/BitTorrent Story
Digg Comments on Harry Potter 7 leaking to BT
Fake Harry Potter 7 Spoilers
Poor soul leaked the new Potter with EXIF

Lots of spoilers but so far I heard these are the accurate ones.

Scroll down if you want to read the spoilers. 😀


“Harry doesn’t die
Snape dies on page 658, his last words are “Look…at…me…”
Dobby dies on page 476, his last words are “Harry…Potter…”
Moody dies sometime before page 78, you hear of his death from Bill and Fleur
Collin Creevy dies sometime before page 694, Harry finds Neville is carrying his dead body
The sorting hat dies on page 732, Voldemort lights it on fire
Fred dies
Tonks dies
Lupin dies
Neville kills Nagini
Snape was Dumbledore’s spy all along. Dumbledore plotted his own death so that the power of the Elder Wand would die with him rather than be transferred to his victor. He failed though and the power is transferred to Draco, then to Harry (of course).
Voldemort dies on page 744
Harry’s scar goes away
Harry Marries Ginny and has three kids named Lily, Albus Sirius, and James
Ron Marries Hermione and has two kids, Hugo and Rose
Neville becomes professor of Herbology
Malfoy gets married and has a son named Scorpius”

August Trip to General Santos & Davao Philippines

17 07 2007

2 weeks and 4 days to go. Home here I come. Lots of planning already done.

Beach. White water rafting. Family clan get together. Party party party. More Beach.

Gonna go swimming with my rubber ducky!!! Hehehe 🙂

Be posting pictures when I’m back. 🙂

Link: Giant Rubber Ducky France

Ms Singapore World 2007 Semi-Finals and Preview pictures

16 07 2007

Girls girls girls. What do I need to say more. Hehehe

See the diversity of the culture and people here in Singapore. I hope you enjoy the girls, I mean the pictures I took for the Ms Singapore World 2007 semi-finals and preview pics. Hehehe 😉

Oh the links. I almost forgot. This post won’t be complete without these. Hahaha! 🙂

Ms Singapore World 2007 Semi-Finals and Preview Slideshow
Ms Singapore World 2007 Semi-Finals and Preview Album

Last years’ event pictures:

Ms Singapore World 2006 Slideshow
Ms Singapore World 2006 Album

Check your eyes if it is still intact and has not popped out. Hehehe 🙂

Early Monday Vista Post

16 07 2007

Monday. Monday. Start of the week again! Work work work again!

This topic is a bit awkward. But I found this Windows Vista gadget that will tell you if the day today is already a Friday. Not a good timing to post this ayt!! It is pretty useful for those guys that has lots of work that tend to forget it’s already friday(Not me. Kidding!!!). Check this out! Hohoho

Is it friday? Vista Gadget

Another cool Vista gadget. Wanna know about your future?? This is sort of just a fun thing that can stay at your desktop. But it is fun to have the Magic 8-ball.

Silverlight Ink Pad gadget. It is the first I supposed. But definitely not for the Ink Gadget. I think there was one released for using WPF.

How To: Create an Ink-Enabled Sidebar Gadget Using Silverlight

Lastly, if you want some Dreamscene video for your desktop. You can get some here. The database has not much of vids yet. But sooner people will start uploading. I am also planning myself to show some of the places in the Philippines, particularly in my hometown or near it. Hehehe

Background Motion  
More Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Friday the 13th; Ink Blog for Windows Live Writer;

13 07 2007

Microsoft Biggest Launch: Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Product Launch next year

11 07 2007


Mark your calendars guys. Microsoft biggest launch ever next year February 27, 2008. All three major products Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 at the same time. This gotta be exciting.


WS ’08, SQL Server ’08 and Visual Studio Due Feb. 27 

Microsoft Executives Outline Next-Generation Business Opportunities for Partners With New Products, Tools and Programs

Countdown to Launch Vista Gadget

Adobe Flash Player supported Full-screen mode; iPhone upgrade coming

11 07 2007

When I was watching some flash video in my pc from some site. I noticed that f;ash player already have the full screen mode. I quickly did a google search on when Adobe first incorporated this into their Flash player. I saw that it was there since December last year! It was already part of their Flash Player release.

This comes to a comparison again with Silverlight as when I first knew that feature Silverlight was providing. I thought it was completely new. I was just that excited that thought this is something MS again came first. I just remember joining some session about Silverlight and speaker telling only Silverlight can do this. And it is one of the main feature they show-off on demos.

When I found this information about the flash player. Suddenly that WoW feeling changed. Not that I don’t like Silverlight anymore, its just really sucks knowing that it is not something new again. MS is just well known of copying some other idea and then building on top of it. And they really did a good job with lots of their products.

Well what we can say is Silverlight is still on beta stage. They are still a lot to come and it is already more than the competition they currently have.

So I hope I can learn more about it and get more information about it. I attended some lousy session once in some MS user group here in Singapore, it was just really a marketing thing and it was supposedly a technical session. I hope they give more technical knowledge next time. I should’ve went to the Remix Singapore event, I heard it was ultimately cool.

Now something about iPhone. Just got some information from some WordPress blogger that they (Apple) are planning to release an power upgrade with a lots of cool features that can cover lots of the complaints current iPhone users had. Check it out here.

I hope they better be good with this release or else this guy will blend it. Hehehe

Link: Will it Blend – Apple iPhone


Windows Vista and the Tablet PC (Video)

10 07 2007

Here is some cool video about Windows Vista and features it offers to tablet pc.