An Investor post

28 08 2007

I have been thinking nowadays on how to make my money grow. I have been working here in Singapore for more than a year now. The interest on savings accounts here is really low. Imagine if I’m not mistaken it is only 0.25% only per annum. That is really small. It is just leaving your money to the bank and let them get rich with it.

I have just attended an annual investor fair organized by ShareInvestor. It was really a worthwile experience as with this I got to know a lot of  new options in the market depending on your target return and risk level. I really learned a lot about investments and some psychology if you do it. The new things I learned is about CFDs, ETF, Option trading, structured warrants and FX.

What really interest me the most amongst the instruments introduced are ETF and FX trading. Been doing some technical analysis reading for quite some time now on FX(Foreign Exchange). But still lacks practice. So I will have to develop my trading system then after that try if it works. Then if I’m earning and gets my confidence level, then that time I will then go live.

ETF or Exchange Traded Fund, on the other hand, will be my secondary fund just to diversify my investments. I am still doing my research but got some tips from S&P in the event, that it is the right time to invest now, because NAV prices are low due to the recent market corrections.

Well best of luck to me on my targets and investor life. Happy Investing!

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A Cynic’s Top ten Tips for IT Contractors

28 08 2007

In the world of IT, if you want to earn more financially and get more experience in diverse domains, being an IT Contractor is the best way to go. You can be an IT Contractor if you have the skill and the guts of earning more with the risk of having times you don’t have any job (once a contract ends).  I have just joined this bandwagon. If you’re still not, here are some points that you need to know and hopefully get you started.

Link: A Cynic’s Top ten Tips for IT Contractors

Pinoy IT folks migrating to Singapore

23 08 2007

Filipino IT engineers flocking to Singapore

This news is really sad. Well knowing that a lot of people is leaving my country for better salaries. Lots of talent is going elsewhere. We can then ask ourselves. Where then will the companies both local and MNCs in Philippines find their required headcounts? We wouldn’t want those MNC moving away from us due to so limited resources right? I hope the government or a responsible organization will do something about this.

But what really saddens me is the impression this news is giving to the public. This is published on Today Singapore newspaper. It tells here that a number of Filipinos leave their jobs unfinished. This clearly is just encountered by some and not necessarily majority of the people. I hope those local companies or responsible persons that told this thought that this won’t give a bad name to our fellow Filipinos as
we are not like that. If it is a necessity and a must for some, then we can understand them right? It is pretty normal to the industry wherever we are. It’s not only about those engineers that moves to Singapore or any other country that does this. And lastly, we should make it a personal rule for us employees and employers to respect the fact that we have a notice period to serve. We won’t like our own people moving out without serving it right?

Beware: Its so funny its contagious

23 08 2007

Watch this youtube video of the World’s Funniest Dad. Had hard time breathing while watching this. Make sure you turn the volume a bit extra high. Enjoy!!! =)

Food Food Fooooooooooooooooddddddddd!!!!!

21 08 2007

The 2nd post of the series of Photo albums would be none other than the Filipino Food that I’m missing now!!!

I took these photos in different occasions. The first sets which are mostly food delicacies for souvenirs I got from SM Davao (big mall chain in Philippines).

The next set would be on the House re-blessing we did when I was there. You could see a lot of people enjoying the good food also.

And just some couple of pictures that we brought to the beach. The incredible wonder chicken that is like the size of a turkey. Just didn’t got a chance to see it when it was still alive. I heard from my sister and mom that it had hard time walking since it became too fat and heavy. Yeah these are all home grown food. They sometimes have difficulty eating it because of the bond that they have as masters and pets. Me?? Come I’ll eat you to my pleasure. Hehehe 🙂

Again here are my personal favorites. Enjoy!!! 🙂

Davao SM Hypermarket pics

Colorful sapin2x

Fruit stand

Durian pastries

Before and afters

Not So Live Goat (before)

Shy and scared Pig (before)

Turkey 1: Have you seen mama? Where’s mama? (a little bit before)

The Aftermath

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Incredible

Is this turkey, chicken or ostrich? 😛

Link: Filipino Food Galore – August 2007 Photobucket slideshow

Gumasa Glan Beach Family Outing

21 08 2007

This would be the start of series of Photo albums posts from my vacation at hometown. I just got time to upload it last weekends.

This might encourage you to visit or go back home to Philippines one of these days. Enjoy the photos. 🙂


These photos were taken in Gumasa, Glan Sarangani, Philippines

My favorites is specially shown here. Enjoy!!! 🙂

Late noon beach shot

Colored coconuts – acts as signage to this beach


Large footprint in the sand hehehe

Early morning shots

Ang bida enjoying the beach (The protagonist) Hehehe

For the rest of the pics check the link below. 

Link: Gumasa Glan Grand Family Outing – August 2007 Photobucket Album Slideshow

Marking Kids born in the new age by naming them weird things

17 08 2007

Do you think your newborn should be “in” on this generation. A couple in china already did by naming their baby “@”. Yeah its the “at” sign on email address. I’m sure if that kid gets that name. Even if he/she is born as somewhat a tech baby. He/She will surely have problems registering in sites that validates inputs and limits names to using alphabets characters only. It can be “No gmail”. “No friendster”. “No facebook”. I can’t imagine a life without those. Hehehe 🙂

I really find this really weird. Guys do not do this. Please pity your children they would be bringing that name till death. Hehehe 🙂

source: CNN – Couple tries to name child @

The #1 Programmer Excuse for Legitimately Slacking Off comic

15 08 2007

Just got a break and created a blog entry. Another won’t hurt right? Hehehe

This comic is fun. Bring backs memory of a friend who used this line while slacking and playing. Hehehe

Another one would be the famous. “Still getting latest source code”.  VSS @#$@#$!@#!@! Hehehe 😛

Enjoy!!! 🙂

I’m back; Vacation done; Davao Whitewater rafting adventure

15 08 2007

Hi I’m back. Just arrive here last Monday midnite. Vacation was really fun. Visited lots of places and met friends and relatives. I also got back to being a glutton and ate lots of filipino food that I missed. Hehehe

I’ve gotta post those pictures here once I get time to upload it. Hehehe Something to remind me of those happy yummy days!


The white water rafting adventure we had in Davao was really fun! It was my first time to do it and it was worth the money and was really an enjoyable experience. I’ve got a tshirt together with the pics and vids for souveneirs.

Check out my photobucket albums for the pictures we got with the package. Here is the link anyways.

Davao White Water Rafting August 5, 2007 Pictures Slideshow

I also uploaded some videos we had and created an account in youtube. Yeah, this is the first time I uploaded some vids in youtube. Hope to get more uploaded soon with my misadventures. Here are some of the youtube white water vids:

Yabo! (capsize) video

More Videos Here

Hope to try rafting in Cagayan De Oro next time. Hehehe 🙂

I’m already missing the people there especially my family. I hope I can stay longer with them this December. Now back to work.

Home here I come

3 08 2007

I remembered blogging about going home. The day has finally come. Today is the day I will go home. Yahoo!!!! I’ll be going to the airport soon. And will be taking the Cebu Pacific Air flight to Davao Via Cebu this coming 12:25 AM. I’m so excited to meet my family and friends. I already have some itinerary for next few days. If you’re curious what I have in mind. Its both eat and play. Hehehe =) 

Please excuse my kiddy drawing. I am just excited!!! Yehey!!! Need to check all things before leaving for airport.

Signing off.