Killing the time

26 06 2007

Yeah I’m just doing it now. Nothing to do. Just waiting for the meeting schedule to come this 7PM. Whew that’s approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to go. (That was when I started writing this hehehe).

We are to talk with colleagues from 2 different locations. New york and India that is. With different timezones, yeah were dealing with 3 timezones here Singapore included. But amongst the 3 of us, we were really unfortunate that we got the most awkward timing.

Meeting time:

Singapore Time – 7:00 PM (GMT +8)
New York – 7:00 AM (GMT -8)
India – 4:30PM (GMT +5:30)

Now you know why we got the worst time. By the way, to add we have a regular 7AM-4PM working shift. Now we need to extend till 8-9PM. Not that I am not used to this. Been doing this in my previous company in a call center. But it has already been 3 years since I last did this. My colds and cough seem to make this waiting experience more interesting. 


Now I’m better. Meeting is already starting. I’ll end this post here. Think happy thoughts. Be happy! Enjoy ur day! 😀

Note: I click Save instead of Publish earlier. Foolish me. hehehe 🙂



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