Got my Sony Ericsson k800i camphone, Flickr here I come

23 06 2007

Yahoo! Finally got to decide and bought a Sony Ericsson Cybershot k800i camera phone. Got it last weekends. Found the item in Yahoo Auctions Singapore. The phone I bought was a second-hand unit. And the price was really cheap. It is almost half the price for the current market price of the unit. If you are to compare it with the release price then it’s almost 1/3 of the price of it. Really got a good deal. It was owned by a lady before and the phone was well taken care.

Now my almost 4 year old phone Nokia 6100 can retire and can get its pension hahahaha 🙂  
(Don’t get me wrong, I had another phone in between that I didn’t like and used my 6100 back again.)

Now, you might be curious why I decided to buy the k800i. Here are the reasons:

1. A picture paints a thousand words. I thought I just need a regular cellphone that can suit my daily needs. I thought a really good camera feature would be a definite plus.
2. It bagged lots of award like Asia Cnet Reader’s Choice Best Camera Phone, Engadget 2006 Cellphone of the Year, and a lot others
3. Very cheap price courtesy of Yahoo Auctions
4. Inspiring captured moments and shots by Community Sony Ericsson K800i Flickr groups (347 as of today)
5. Chance to meet the lady auctioneer hahaha 😀

Here are some sample pictures taken using my “new-2nd-hand” k800i:

Our office building mini-park from 4th floor

Sunrise near bicycle park of my office, Signature Bldg.

Parked Ferrari at Orchard

View from outside our house

More to come on next posts. 😀



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1 07 2007
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