Facebook founder billionaire; Facebook Developer Party Singapore

25 10 2007

Facebook has really created a big name now. It is gaining lots of interest not only to the social networking fanatics but also to business guys and the like.

Imagine because of its very big user-base and visits daily, lots of web marketing and advertisement business opportunity are found. No wonder the founder, Mark Zuckerberg that own 30 percent of the company became a 5 paper billionaire. This makes him one of the richest 20+ persons. (Or can you say kid? Hehehe :D) (See links for the source and articles).

I just attended yesterday I think the first Facebook Developer party here in Singapore. The event was quite interesting. It was just that I wasn’t able to relate that much to what they were talking as I was still that new with Facebook. I got a bit sleepy and the day was just so tiring at work that’s why I wasn’t able to appreciate it that much. For me, at least, it was a nice experience. I got a chance to know what is happening in Facebook, I will have to try exploring the rich applications there one of these days.

It was really nice to meet a lot of interesting people there. Got to meet few pinoy guys from Microsoft. Some old acquaintances and few new. And got a chance to meet another pinoy guy from NY who develops real facebooks app. (Got to try them. But need to look for them first. Hehehe)

A lot of these guys are really into Facebook application development. I have been made aware of the infinite possibilities that one can do to earn or just make people have fun through this event. Twas nice meeting all of you guys.

Links: ValleyWag – Mark Zuckerberg the 5 billion man

Valleywag – Facebook takes Microsofts money

A Joke about a job in consulting

19 10 2007

I just really like it that I thought I need to share it. Enjoy! 😀

◊ One day the manager calls the consultant to talk about the time sheet report…

Manager: You charged us on Wednesday for 19 hours, but you were here for only about 9 hours on Wednesday.

Consultant: Well, of course. Look, it is very detailed. I was here from 9:00 to 18:00, right?

Manager: Right.

Consultant: And because we left without a good solution, I kept thinking about it in the car, and when I walked the dog. You see, it is the entries for 18:00 – 19:30 and 20:00 – 20:45. From 19:30 – 20:00 I had dinner, I didn’t charge you for that.

Manager: Nice of you. And the other 8 hours? 22:00 – 06:00 ?

Consultant: Well,when I walked the dog, I finally had a vision, everything came together in a moment of brilliance, and I could see the solution in my head. All I had to do is connect some little pieces and it would work.

Manager: Oh, so you did an all nighter?

Consultant: Ha? Of course not. I went home thinking about the idea, and then I went to bed and slept on it for 8 hours. ◊

Source: Ayende @ Rahien – The Consulting Game

Tech jobs in US Salary Survey 2007

18 10 2007

Well, although most of these numbers are for US statistics, we can still get an idea and see the dream of what we may earn if we worked there. Here is an article I got from Informationweek on their 2007 Salary Survey. Along with it is is the gallery What IT Pros earn: 20 charts from our salary survey.

Another interesting article is [What countries pays IT Managers the most?].  Check it out. They also have some information on experienced IT professionals and not just IT managers.

These numbers hopefully would encourage future software engineers or IT pros (our current students) to still take the IT path as a lot has already changed now on the perception that a career in IT industry now is risky and job stability is degraded by outsourcing. Cheers! 🙂

Beta News: Windows Server 2008 RC0 and Windows Vista SP1 Beta

25 09 2007

Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate with Windows Server virtualization – Viridian was released yesterday. Windows Vista SP1 Beta is also being released to testers now. I hope they release the Vista SP1 now on time. I have long been waiting for it.

Download Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate here.


Windows Server Division Weblog – Windows Server 2008 Rc0 Released!

MS Press: Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 Ready for Customer Review

A Cynic’s Top ten Tips for IT Contractors

28 08 2007

In the world of IT, if you want to earn more financially and get more experience in diverse domains, being an IT Contractor is the best way to go. You can be an IT Contractor if you have the skill and the guts of earning more with the risk of having times you don’t have any job (once a contract ends).  I have just joined this bandwagon. If you’re still not, here are some points that you need to know and hopefully get you started.

Link: A Cynic’s Top ten Tips for IT Contractors

Geeky evidence that I am special

26 07 2007

I found this post by Trika of MS Learning about certifications as an evidence that you are special. I guess since I did my part on those sleepless nights and heavy working on those certification exams. I’ll do this post. This will let me to remember my hard work in the future. 🙂

I’m proud to say that, as of July 19,2007, I am:

1 of the 1,813 Microsoft Certified Professional Developers (MCPD) 
Enterprise Application Developer

1 of the 2,500 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  .NET Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications

1 of the 6,690 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  .NET Framework 2.0: Web Applications

1 of the 4,271 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  .NET Framework 2.0: Windows Applications

1 of the 16,968 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) –  SQL Server 2005

1 of the 30,477 Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSD) – Microsoft .NET

1 of the 72,263 Microsoft Certified Application Developers (MCAD)


Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide

Early Monday Vista Post

16 07 2007

Monday. Monday. Start of the week again! Work work work again!

This topic is a bit awkward. But I found this Windows Vista gadget that will tell you if the day today is already a Friday. Not a good timing to post this ayt!! It is pretty useful for those guys that has lots of work that tend to forget it’s already friday(Not me. Kidding!!!). Check this out! Hohoho

Is it friday? Vista Gadget

Another cool Vista gadget. Wanna know about your future?? This is sort of just a fun thing that can stay at your desktop. But it is fun to have the Magic 8-ball.

Silverlight Ink Pad gadget. It is the first I supposed. But definitely not for the Ink Gadget. I think there was one released for using WPF.

How To: Create an Ink-Enabled Sidebar Gadget Using Silverlight

Lastly, if you want some Dreamscene video for your desktop. You can get some here. The database has not much of vids yet. But sooner people will start uploading. I am also planning myself to show some of the places in the Philippines, particularly in my hometown or near it. Hehehe

Background Motion  
More Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Microsoft Biggest Launch: Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Product Launch next year

11 07 2007


Mark your calendars guys. Microsoft biggest launch ever next year February 27, 2008. All three major products Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 at the same time. This gotta be exciting.


WS ’08, SQL Server ’08 and Visual Studio Due Feb. 27 

Microsoft Executives Outline Next-Generation Business Opportunities for Partners With New Products, Tools and Programs

Countdown to Launch Vista Gadget

Adobe Flash Player supported Full-screen mode; iPhone upgrade coming

11 07 2007

When I was watching some flash video in my pc from some site. I noticed that f;ash player already have the full screen mode. I quickly did a google search on when Adobe first incorporated this into their Flash player. I saw that it was there since December last year! It was already part of their Flash Player release.

This comes to a comparison again with Silverlight as when I first knew that feature Silverlight was providing. I thought it was completely new. I was just that excited that thought this is something MS again came first. I just remember joining some session about Silverlight and speaker telling only Silverlight can do this. And it is one of the main feature they show-off on demos.

When I found this information about the flash player. Suddenly that WoW feeling changed. Not that I don’t like Silverlight anymore, its just really sucks knowing that it is not something new again. MS is just well known of copying some other idea and then building on top of it. And they really did a good job with lots of their products.

Well what we can say is Silverlight is still on beta stage. They are still a lot to come and it is already more than the competition they currently have.

So I hope I can learn more about it and get more information about it. I attended some lousy session once in some MS user group here in Singapore, it was just really a marketing thing and it was supposedly a technical session. I hope they give more technical knowledge next time. I should’ve went to the Remix Singapore event, I heard it was ultimately cool.

Now something about iPhone. Just got some information from some WordPress blogger that they (Apple) are planning to release an power upgrade with a lots of cool features that can cover lots of the complaints current iPhone users had. Check it out here.

I hope they better be good with this release or else this guy will blend it. Hehehe

Link: Will it Blend – Apple iPhone


Windows Vista and the Tablet PC (Video)

10 07 2007

Here is some cool video about Windows Vista and features it offers to tablet pc.