Happy Birthday America – July 4, 2008 – Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

7 07 2008

It’s been long since I last blogged. I just got very busy migrating to another country, getting to know new friends and enjoy places. I hope I can make time again to write write write about my experience both about life and the new technology stuff I am working on. I just have a lot to write about but can’t find the time now. I hope I can be back soon. 🙂

Anyways I want to make this quick post about the July 4th Fireworks I enjoyed a lot here in Boston Massachusetts. We had a nice view of it and the fireworks is indeed very fanta-bulous. I just want to share these with you. Make sure you turn on your volume as the fireworks are synchronized with the fireworks. I hope you enjoy it like I did. Happy Birthday America!!! 🙂

July 4th Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular – This one I like

July 4th Boston Fireworks 2

More here:
Andro Tan Youtube Videos

P.S. If you want to see the pictures I took for the various places I visited here in United States, please visit my photobucket account. Among the places, I took photos from are New York, New Jersey, Boston, Waltham Massachusetts. Find the link provided below:

Ross Andro Tan Photobucket Albums

Clarke Quay @ Lunar Lantern Festival season mood

17 09 2007

 Just taking advantage of the simplicity of uploading pictures with Windows Live Writer. Too lazy to upload it to photobucket these days. I just want to share some pictures. Hope you’ll enjoy it!!! 🙂


DSC00459 DSC00461

DSC00463 DSC00468

DSC00469  DSC00471 

DSC00474 DSC00475


Happy Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival!!! Good fortune to you and your family in the years to come. 😀

Late Onam Greeting

2 09 2007

 Namaskaram, a greeting in Malayalam, one of the many I think 57 Indian languages. I would like to share these few pics we took on that day in this Onam greeting post of mine. If you fancy eating lots, really lots of different food in one seating. We have celebrated Onam eating 25 different dishes. Eat all you can hehehe.

Thinking about this I missed our gluttonous buffets in the Philippines. Anyways, here is the Kerala (Southern India) version. Enjoy!!! Belated Happy Onam Day!!! 🙂


Lunch served in whole banana leaf with all 25 different types of dishes provided only on this feast.


Traditional Onam decoration. Flowers floating in special vase.

Food Food Fooooooooooooooooddddddddd!!!!!

21 08 2007

The 2nd post of the series of Photo albums would be none other than the Filipino Food that I’m missing now!!!

I took these photos in different occasions. The first sets which are mostly food delicacies for souvenirs I got from SM Davao (big mall chain in Philippines).

The next set would be on the House re-blessing we did when I was there. You could see a lot of people enjoying the good food also.

And just some couple of pictures that we brought to the beach. The incredible wonder chicken that is like the size of a turkey. Just didn’t got a chance to see it when it was still alive. I heard from my sister and mom that it had hard time walking since it became too fat and heavy. Yeah these are all home grown food. They sometimes have difficulty eating it because of the bond that they have as masters and pets. Me?? Come I’ll eat you to my pleasure. Hehehe 🙂

Again here are my personal favorites. Enjoy!!! 🙂

Davao SM Hypermarket pics

Colorful sapin2x

Fruit stand

Durian pastries

Before and afters

Not So Live Goat (before)

Shy and scared Pig (before)

Turkey 1: Have you seen mama? Where’s mama? (a little bit before)

The Aftermath

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Incredible

Is this turkey, chicken or ostrich? 😛

Link: Filipino Food Galore – August 2007 Photobucket slideshow

Gumasa Glan Beach Family Outing

21 08 2007

This would be the start of series of Photo albums posts from my vacation at hometown. I just got time to upload it last weekends.

This might encourage you to visit or go back home to Philippines one of these days. Enjoy the photos. 🙂


These photos were taken in Gumasa, Glan Sarangani, Philippines

My favorites is specially shown here. Enjoy!!! 🙂

Late noon beach shot

Colored coconuts – acts as signage to this beach


Large footprint in the sand hehehe

Early morning shots

Ang bida enjoying the beach (The protagonist) Hehehe

For the rest of the pics check the link below. 

Link: Gumasa Glan Grand Family Outing – August 2007 Photobucket Album Slideshow

I’m back; Vacation done; Davao Whitewater rafting adventure

15 08 2007

Hi I’m back. Just arrive here last Monday midnite. Vacation was really fun. Visited lots of places and met friends and relatives. I also got back to being a glutton and ate lots of filipino food that I missed. Hehehe

I’ve gotta post those pictures here once I get time to upload it. Hehehe Something to remind me of those happy yummy days!


The white water rafting adventure we had in Davao was really fun! It was my first time to do it and it was worth the money and was really an enjoyable experience. I’ve got a tshirt together with the pics and vids for souveneirs.

Check out my photobucket albums for the pictures we got with the package. Here is the link anyways.

Davao White Water Rafting August 5, 2007 Pictures Slideshow

I also uploaded some videos we had and created an account in youtube. Yeah, this is the first time I uploaded some vids in youtube. Hope to get more uploaded soon with my misadventures. Here are some of the youtube white water vids:

Yabo! (capsize) video

More Videos Here

Hope to try rafting in Cagayan De Oro next time. Hehehe 🙂

I’m already missing the people there especially my family. I hope I can stay longer with them this December. Now back to work.

Ms Singapore World 2007 Semi-Finals and Preview pictures

16 07 2007

Girls girls girls. What do I need to say more. Hehehe

See the diversity of the culture and people here in Singapore. I hope you enjoy the girls, I mean the pictures I took for the Ms Singapore World 2007 semi-finals and preview pics. Hehehe 😉

Oh the links. I almost forgot. This post won’t be complete without these. Hahaha! 🙂

Ms Singapore World 2007 Semi-Finals and Preview Slideshow
Ms Singapore World 2007 Semi-Finals and Preview Album

Last years’ event pictures:

Ms Singapore World 2006 Slideshow
Ms Singapore World 2006 Album

Check your eyes if it is still intact and has not popped out. Hehehe 🙂

Got my Sony Ericsson k800i camphone, Flickr here I come

23 06 2007

Yahoo! Finally got to decide and bought a Sony Ericsson Cybershot k800i camera phone. Got it last weekends. Found the item in Yahoo Auctions Singapore. The phone I bought was a second-hand unit. And the price was really cheap. It is almost half the price for the current market price of the unit. If you are to compare it with the release price then it’s almost 1/3 of the price of it. Really got a good deal. It was owned by a lady before and the phone was well taken care.

Now my almost 4 year old phone Nokia 6100 can retire and can get its pension hahahaha 🙂  
(Don’t get me wrong, I had another phone in between that I didn’t like and used my 6100 back again.)

Now, you might be curious why I decided to buy the k800i. Here are the reasons:

1. A picture paints a thousand words. I thought I just need a regular cellphone that can suit my daily needs. I thought a really good camera feature would be a definite plus.
2. It bagged lots of award like Asia Cnet Reader’s Choice Best Camera Phone, Engadget 2006 Cellphone of the Year, and a lot others
3. Very cheap price courtesy of Yahoo Auctions
4. Inspiring captured moments and shots by Community Sony Ericsson K800i Flickr groups (347 as of today)
5. Chance to meet the lady auctioneer hahaha 😀

Here are some sample pictures taken using my “new-2nd-hand” k800i:

Our office building mini-park from 4th floor

Sunrise near bicycle park of my office, Signature Bldg.

Parked Ferrari at Orchard

View from outside our house

More to come on next posts. 😀

Photograph: Refraction of Myself

21 06 2007

Me, Myself and Andro => Refracted by Camera Phone => Refracted by WebCam => Refracted by Yahoo Messenger(to bits of 1s and 0s) => Refracted to the Internet => Refracted back to Yahoo Messenger(Viewer) => Refracted back by MS Paint to digital jpg format => Refracted by Photobucket => Refracted by WordPress => I think this refracting thing should stop now, or else this won’t end hehehe => Now in your eyes 😉


 Just havin’ fun! Enjoy! 😀

Photography and Common Mistakes – Learn from others

20 06 2007

I keep on remembering what we usually joke around with friends. The quality of the picture is not dependent on the power of the camera (be it DSLR or point-and-shoot), but on the one that gets the photograph. Lousy excuse for those that can’t afford to buy high-end DSLR, like Me. Hehe 🙂

I just got fond of taking pictures when I got to Singapore. Most probably, it’s because we have lots of places to go to here. And most of them are so near that you don’t need to travel very far to get some good snaps. I am still a beginner on this and just a hobbyist that likes to get remembrances through pictures. I have uploaded a few number of albums myself and if anyone’s interested its in my photobucket account. 🙂 I am using a Fujifilm FinePix E900 by the way.

I found this really interesting article by a professional photographer named Andre Gunther. It is for me really a good read. Hope you can learn from it as I did.

Link: The Ten Most Common Photographic Mistakes