Happy New Year 2008

4 01 2008

Just got back to work yesterday. This is already a bit late. Happy New Year guys.

To start the year, just found out that Microsoft Singapore is offering some free certifications for the community user groups. To those interested, dont miss this opportunity. Check this link out.

I am still finishing reading the book Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders. I think I have different main priorities and goals for this year, and getting a certification is just not it yet. Well since this is free I’ll just decide if I’m going to take this promotion after I finish reading the book.

Here is the book to those interested:

The Tens of Technical Analysis

18 09 2007

Some learnings that I’m sure I need to review in my soon trading career. IĀ  strongly recommend Technical Analysis for Dummies. Learn technical analysis the fun way that any person can understand easily. šŸ™‚

Ten Secrets of the Top Technical Traders
– Put your faith in the chart rather than the “experts”
– Get to know the virtues and drawbacks of technical indicators

1. Trust the Chart
2. Trend Is Your Friend
3. You Make Money Only when You Sell
4. Take Responsibility
5. Avoid Euphoria and Despair
6. Making Money Is Better Than Being Right
7. Don’t Let a Winning Trade Turn into a Losing Trade
8. Don’t Curve-Fit
9. Trade the Right Amount
10. Diversify

Ten Rules for Working with Indicators
– Identify market sentiment
– Use indicators as a guide – not a crystal ball

1. Listen to the Price Bars
2. Understand Your Indicator
3. Use Support and Resistance
4. Use the Breakout Principle
5. Watch for Convergence/ Divergence
6. Choose a Ruling Concept
7. Back-test Your Indicators Properly
8. Acknowledge that Your Indicator Will Fail
9. There Are No Secret Indicators
10. Be Original

Technical Analysis for Dummies & m&ms

17 09 2007

I was busy reading this book. And suddenly got hungry.

My eyes also got weary and tired. Need to have a break.

Just see what I ate. This is not just some ordinary snack. Guess where the M&Ms came from. See the yummy chocolates for yourself!

Doesn’t it comes match with the book. See even Mr Dummy agrees. Hehehe šŸ˜€




Note: Got these images days back. Just got a chance to post it now. This is by the way the first For Dummies book of the series or what-cha-ma-call-it book that I have read. And it is so far so interesting and full of content.