An Investor post

28 08 2007

I have been thinking nowadays on how to make my money grow. I have been working here in Singapore for more than a year now. The interest on savings accounts here is really low. Imagine if I’m not mistaken it is only 0.25% only per annum. That is really small. It is just leaving your money to the bank and let them get rich with it.

I have just attended an annual investor fair organized by ShareInvestor. It was really a worthwile experience as with this I got to know a lot of  new options in the market depending on your target return and risk level. I really learned a lot about investments and some psychology if you do it. The new things I learned is about CFDs, ETF, Option trading, structured warrants and FX.

What really interest me the most amongst the instruments introduced are ETF and FX trading. Been doing some technical analysis reading for quite some time now on FX(Foreign Exchange). But still lacks practice. So I will have to develop my trading system then after that try if it works. Then if I’m earning and gets my confidence level, then that time I will then go live.

ETF or Exchange Traded Fund, on the other hand, will be my secondary fund just to diversify my investments. I am still doing my research but got some tips from S&P in the event, that it is the right time to invest now, because NAV prices are low due to the recent market corrections.

Well best of luck to me on my targets and investor life. Happy Investing!

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