Pinoy IT folks migrating to Singapore

23 08 2007

Filipino IT engineers flocking to Singapore

This news is really sad. Well knowing that a lot of people is leaving my country for better salaries. Lots of talent is going elsewhere. We can then ask ourselves. Where then will the companies both local and MNCs in Philippines find their required headcounts? We wouldn’t want those MNC moving away from us due to so limited resources right? I hope the government or a responsible organization will do something about this.

But what really saddens me is the impression this news is giving to the public. This is published on Today Singapore newspaper. It tells here that a number of Filipinos leave their jobs unfinished. This clearly is just encountered by some and not necessarily majority of the people. I hope those local companies or responsible persons that told this thought that this won’t give a bad name to our fellow Filipinos as
we are not like that. If it is a necessity and a must for some, then we can understand them right? It is pretty normal to the industry wherever we are. It’s not only about those engineers that moves to Singapore or any other country that does this. And lastly, we should make it a personal rule for us employees and employers to respect the fact that we have a notice period to serve. We won’t like our own people moving out without serving it right?



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22 04 2009
Ted Burrett

I follow your posts for a long time and must tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

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