Early Monday Vista Post

16 07 2007

Monday. Monday. Start of the week again! Work work work again!

This topic is a bit awkward. But I found this Windows Vista gadget that will tell you if the day today is already a Friday. Not a good timing to post this ayt!! It is pretty useful for those guys that has lots of work that tend to forget it’s already friday(Not me. Kidding!!!). Check this out! Hohoho

Is it friday? Vista Gadget

Another cool Vista gadget. Wanna know about your future?? This is sort of just a fun thing that can stay at your desktop. But it is fun to have the Magic 8-ball.

Silverlight Ink Pad gadget. It is the first I supposed. But definitely not for the Ink Gadget. I think there was one released for using WPF.

How To: Create an Ink-Enabled Sidebar Gadget Using Silverlight

Lastly, if you want some Dreamscene video for your desktop. You can get some here. The database has not much of vids yet. But sooner people will start uploading. I am also planning myself to show some of the places in the Philippines, particularly in my hometown or near it. Hehehe

Background Motion  
More Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets



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