Adobe Flash Player supported Full-screen mode; iPhone upgrade coming

11 07 2007

When I was watching some flash video in my pc from some site. I noticed that f;ash player already have the full screen mode. I quickly did a google search on when Adobe first incorporated this into their Flash player. I saw that it was there since December last year! It was already part of their Flash Player release.

This comes to a comparison again with Silverlight as when I first knew that feature Silverlight was providing. I thought it was completely new. I was just that excited that thought this is something MS again came first. I just remember joining some session about Silverlight and speaker telling only Silverlight can do this. And it is one of the main feature they show-off on demos.

When I found this information about the flash player. Suddenly that WoW feeling changed. Not that I don’t like Silverlight anymore, its just really sucks knowing that it is not something new again. MS is just well known of copying some other idea and then building on top of it. And they really did a good job with lots of their products.

Well what we can say is Silverlight is still on beta stage. They are still a lot to come and it is already more than the competition they currently have.

So I hope I can learn more about it and get more information about it. I attended some lousy session once in some MS user group here in Singapore, it was just really a marketing thing and it was supposedly a technical session. I hope they give more technical knowledge next time. I should’ve went to the Remix Singapore event, I heard it was ultimately cool.

Now something about iPhone. Just got some information from some WordPress blogger that they (Apple) are planning to release an power upgrade with a lots of cool features that can cover lots of the complaints current iPhone users had. Check it out here.

I hope they better be good with this release or else this guy will blend it. Hehehe

Link: Will it Blend – Apple iPhone




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29 11 2009

as im watching a video movie via youtube, i was promted to upgrade the flash player, because its takes couples of time to play for only 6 second and then it stops.

29 11 2009

I’ve summitted a comment on the experienced i had while viewing a video movie via youtube and that’s all.

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