Virtual Machine madness; Increasing the size of VMWare Virtual Hard disk

4 07 2007


Been busy for a while now installing applications in my tablet pc. I told myself now that I have a good machine. I need to brushen up my skills and be up-to-pace again with the fast ever evolving technology.

I started by creating a Virtual Machine that I can play with. Downloaded a lot of CTPs and betas and got started by installing Windows Server 2008 yesterday night. I am using VMWare workstation 6.0 by the way. Why not VPC? Check this out. But me, I am just a VMWare fan. Got better experiences using it before. Hehehe

Here is the configuration I am planning to get:

– Windows Server 2008
– Visual Studio 2008 Orcas
– Team Foundation Server 2008
– Sql server 2008 Katmai
– Sharepoint Services 2007
– Silverlight
– more

 I named this VM after my favorite anime Bleach. My VM Name is IchigoLonghornCTP. Since this has almost all CTP, Beta and the like products, I am planning to have another VM with these configuration:  

– Windows Server 2003 R2
– Visual Studio 2008 Orcas
– Team Foundation Server
– Biztalk Server 2006 R2
– SQL Server 2005 (Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter)
– Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 SP1 or SP2
– Microsoft Project

This would still depend on the space I will have after finishing the installation of the first Virtual Machine. I might just install those software I need on top on my host operating system, but I really want to get away from doing that as that would affect the performance of my system.

If you happen to have a similar issue as I did regarding wrong planning on the initial virtual hard disk size. You can try increasing it using this method:  HOW-TO: Increase the size of an existing VMWare Hard Disk (VMDK). For other issues, you can refer to VMWare Workstation FAQ.



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