Swensens Dinner; Fear Factor Ice Cream – Wasabi Flavor

30 06 2007

Ate out with a friend yesterday night. We ate our dinner at Swensens Bugis and food was really good. Bit expensive though.


Here are their fabulous menu:

Food Menu
Sundae Menu

We ordered Ribeye Steak, BBQ Chicken , Calamari, Fries, Rodeo wings, Soup of day, and finally Sticky Chewy Choco Malt. Mmmm. Yummy.

Too bad I forgot to take pictures.  I was overenjoying the food that it didnt come into my mind to take some. I can still remember the food until now. I’m already hungry it is already lunch time. Need to eat soon. 

After dinner, I decided to try the spicy wasabi ice cream.


I have already noticed this for quite a number of times already, but just got the courage to try it yesterday. Hehehe

The name of the ice cream stand is actually Uzumaki.


It has actually the same name as one of my favorite anime Naruto. I said to myself, I will definitely try it now. Once I finish the ice cream, I might be like Naruto and will jump up and shout Dattebayo!!! Hehehe

Instead, the complete opposite happened. Imagine. I, myself an ice cream glutton, wasn’t able to finish my ice cream for the first time. Hahaha

It was not that bad though, I just wont recommend it to ppl with low tolerance on spicyness. You can try green tea ice cream instead. Hehehe I will definitely come back to the store, and I’ll try the other flavours. 😉

I was supposed to go Dattebayo!!!

But what happened to me instead was this. Hehehe

Have a nice day!!! 😀



One response

11 09 2007

wow…. hahahahah nice expression…. i love their green tea ice cream too…. very nice… wasabi is my brothers favorite..

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