Apple iPhone making wonders again with Battery Power

21 06 2007

Will iPhone battery really going to last as long as 8 hours of talk time? If they can have this feature, that would really be amazing. Imagine, if they can do this they would be the industry leader when it comes to battery life. This would mean that its battery life is better than any other PDA, smartphone, and even some MP3 players. 8 hours talk time is just too good.

iPhone Battery Chart

I immediately tried looking for iPod battery charts and found out that iPhone have even longer battery life than most of their regular iPods models. iPod only has limited features, from here we can understand if it just consume less power. Playing audio while phone internals doing something, e.g. getting your phone regularly connected to the phone network, that I think would be bit costly.

Taken from iPod Battery FAQ:
″Q: How much playing time should I get out of my iPod battery? (What is the playing time for different iPod models?)

A: Apple’s specifications specify a battery life of 10 hours for the 1st and 2nd generation iPod, 8 hours for the 3rd generation iPod and 1st generation iPod mini, 12 hours for the 4th generation iPod and iPod shuffle, 15 hours for iPod photo, 18 hours for the 2nd generation iPod mini, 14 hours for the iPod nano and 30GB iPod video, and 20 hours for the 60GB iPod video. Many factors can, of course, influence this. Under good conditions, you should indeed get around the specified hours of battery life on a new iPod. This amount varies with age, usage style, and other factors, such as music encoding format, backlight use, etc. To get the most out of your battery.

See this detailed table for battery capacities and playing times for different iPod models. “

I’m just wondering. If they can do this with the current batteries available, then they either really did a good job on the low-voltage consumption of the iPhone or they are doing magic inside Apple Labs hehe 🙂

Or maybe they have new battery technology, one that you charge for more than 8 hours before using to get it to stay alive for that long. Just kidding! But come to think about it, if they did it in iPod, I think they can also do it in iPhone. Definitely, something to wait for.  If only they can make the price more cheaper. 😉

Source: iPhone Delivers Up to Eight Hours of Talk Time



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