Photography and Common Mistakes – Learn from others

20 06 2007

I keep on remembering what we usually joke around with friends. The quality of the picture is not dependent on the power of the camera (be it DSLR or point-and-shoot), but on the one that gets the photograph. Lousy excuse for those that can’t afford to buy high-end DSLR, like Me. Hehe 🙂

I just got fond of taking pictures when I got to Singapore. Most probably, it’s because we have lots of places to go to here. And most of them are so near that you don’t need to travel very far to get some good snaps. I am still a beginner on this and just a hobbyist that likes to get remembrances through pictures. I have uploaded a few number of albums myself and if anyone’s interested its in my photobucket account. 🙂 I am using a Fujifilm FinePix E900 by the way.

I found this really interesting article by a professional photographer named Andre Gunther. It is for me really a good read. Hope you can learn from it as I did.

Link: The Ten Most Common Photographic Mistakes



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20 06 2007
Carrie Dangerfield

I am pretty much in the same position as you…starting over the last couple of years taking pics and realised I actually had a knack of taking well composed shots…I think it is all in the lighting and composition and you are either lucky in lighting or not. well I am busy uploading all my shots to an album…will have a look at yours in the meantime. thanks for the link to the “ten most common photographic mistakes” an excellent read….

20 06 2007

We can always learn a lot by looking at other people’s photo, either good or bad, we’ll be able to learn something so long as we keep an open mind. Of course a bit of basic knowledge about photography helps, otherwise, it can be difficult to knwo what a mistake is.

And as you said, you don’t need an expensive camera to take good photos. just keep taking photos and enjoy the hobby!



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