Light up the Web with Silverlight

20 06 2007

This Silverlight post is already a bit late, but here it goes.


Silverlight is one of the interesting new upcoming products of Microsoft that really excites me. For those that don’t have any background of it, Silverlight (or WPF/E Windows Presentation Foundation/ Everywhere) is a next generation framework MS is providing for users to build highly interactive media-based rich internet applications(RIA). It is cross platform, cross-browser solution and best of all it has the lightweight .NET CLR inside it. For developers with existing WPF skills, your XAML code will work fine if you want to use it on the web, except for a few features such as 3D. You really have to experience it to really appreciate the things you can do with it.

I have collected some number of links which I will refer to once I will start learning this stuff. Here it is:

Silverlight General Links

Microsoft Silverlight Homepage
Silverlight Developer Center
Silverlight Community Site

Silverlight 1.0 Beta Quickstarts
Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Quickstarts

More Links
Silverlight Learning Guide
Why Silverlight
Sample Demos and Code

Just added these silverlight feeds to my reader: 

Scot Guthrie
Tim Sneath
Joe Stegman
Laurence Moroney
Mike Harsh

I just attended a seminar in Microsoft yesterday and it was about Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn Server). The event was intended for Microsoft Partners and was called Microsoft Technology Day. I didn’t how I was invited to attend this as I am not part of an organization that is their partner.(Well not anymore.) I was really fortunate to attend it and luckily one of the sessions is about Silverlight. The demos were really impressive, I hope I can already get my new laptop so that I can play with these new technologies. I’m planning to install a VM(Virtual Machine) for this by the way. My current one just can’t handle a Virtual Machine with all these heavy apps. It will just choke. I also don’t have enough space. Im already so excited to try out Silverlight but that would have to wait.



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